Product testing… 

October 21, 2016

Well I’m trying something new.. Testing products. So I’ll be doing some reviews on various products… Today… Silicon muffin pan by Keliwa
So far I haven’t baked in it, but I used it to make frozen dog treats and it worked well. I’ll try to do another post when I bake in it. I received the product at a discount… It doesn’t effect my review.  Here is a link to the product…



Its too hot and unemplyoment sucks

July 13, 2010

Well life is insane. My grandfather isn’t doing too well so since the middle of february my parents have been in Florida with a few weeks exception the haven’t been back. So I’ve had all of the family dogs. That’s 3 houses of dogs! Oh and I’m still unemployed over a year later. Studying for canine massage, hope my folks get back soon so that once I’m done I can go to the shows and make some money.

Oh and did I mention it’s been at or near 100 for the past couple weeks so I can’t even get the dogs out to work on agility.

I’m back!

April 23, 2010

Well had some issues getting things posted for a few months. But looks like it’s working again.

More weaves

February 11, 2010

Day 2 of restarting weave training. We went over all our angles and distances again, then rotated the weaves and started working the angles . So far we’re all good.

Ash’s agility trials

February 11, 2010

Ash was born on July 5, 2008. He made his agility debut at 15 months and 4 days at the Acd national specialty in belton tx and he totally floored me with his performance. He q’d 3 out of 5 runs and one time the nq was sooooo my fault. We’ve shown one other time in akc since then and it wasn’t quite as good a showing, but still for a baby dog, not bad. Well Ash was finally 18 months in time to enter my USDAA trial. So I was planning to enter him in two or 3 classes a day, by the time the trial closes he was entered in everything on all three days included the team event. Why? Uhm… I’m crazy? So we had an okay weekend. Weavepole were terrible, which he’d been being weird about them, so no real surprise. What did surprise me was his reaction to the dogwalk. While he wasn’t having blazing speed but it wasn’t a creeping crawl at home or even in the other shows Jed been in. How did we do? We placed mostly 1st & 2nd with one third. We did q two times in the regular classes once in jumpers and once in gamble (would have been twice in gamblers but I miscounted my opening points.) oh and we also q’d in team thanks to our teamates.

So we are going back and working on his confidence on the contacts. Today we dropped the aframe back to about knee height and worked on revving him up and getting him racing across the length of it. We have teeter board on the ground as well with a board under the center to give it some tipping, no problem. Well work on more movement over the next several sessions. Also on the weaves, we were using the 2×2 weave method and kinda rushed through the last bits, so we are going back and starting again. We had one set totally open, just like we were first starting, and pleasantly he. Worked through all the angles from all sorts of distance in about five minutes, with only one mistake. So tommorow we’ll move on to the next step. Wish us luck!

Hello world kfa’s blogging debut

February 11, 2010

Well everyone has been telling me I need to blog… I’ve been drug into facebook… I have twitter but haven’t tweeted than in who knows when (I don’t think anyone even saw my twitter page…. heck when I was a teen we’d say we got all twitterpated about something… and had never heard of twitter… geez I feel old. Wonder what twitterpated means now!) Now to why I started this blog… Ash. Runamok’s Knight of Acheron RN. He’s my 19month old Australian Cattle Dog. He’s the first dog I’ve gotten that I ACTUALLY know who is parents are, where he comes from, who his relatives are. I’ve been involved with dogs in someway or another since I was a baby… and I’ve always had rescue dogs. He’s the first one that isn’t a rescue. Before anyone starts yelling…. I have since taken in another rescue ACD, named Bandit. (though I am looking for a home for him… so if you know someone who wants a herding dog… have them send me a message… I’m gonna be picky as to who gets him, but he’s a real sweetie. Oh it would be best if he not be around cats… he’s killed a couple of our wild ones and he ignores others… so I think he needs to be in a no cat home.)

Next blog… Ash’s USDAA debut and the resulting wholes in our training.